Author: Tyler Liston

Save at the Pump with Phillips 66!

Gas prices, am I right? Americans are paying more at the pump than ever before. We haven’t seen prices over $4.00 per gallon since the economic collapse of 2008. Our pilots are not immune to this hike in prices. It makes flying for charitable purposes harder than ever before. Not everyone has hundreds of dollars… Read more »

You’re Never Alone with Cancer Hope Network

Tyler Liston After weeks (months!?) of tests and scans and sleepless nights spent worrying, the doctor sits across the desk from you, looks up from the chart on her desk and says, “Unfortunately, it’s cancer.” Your care team recommends a new treatment protocol. You’ve heard horror stories of the side effects it brings. Your beloved… Read more »

Pilot’s Corner: Dr. W. Tad Foster

Ann Rude Dr. W. Tad Foster has been flying with LifeLine Pilots since 2009. If the mission is going through Indiana, his name will usually be on it. As with most things aviation, his path to pilothood was not as the crow flies… Six weeks after high school graduation, Foster joined the Air Force with… Read more »

Under Our Wing

Tyler Liston After a decade of retail management, I made the decision to switch careers and start my journey into the nonprofit sector. Not that there’s anything wrong with retail, mind you. I loved the face-to-face customer interactions and the problem-solving aspects of the job, but there was just something missing. I wanted to do… Read more »