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LifeLine Pilots facilitates FREE transportation
for such medical needs as on-going medical
treatments, diagnosis and follow-up care.

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Your donations facilitate missions to help patients get the treatment they need. By donating, you're helping people in ways that will change their lives!

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LifeLine Pilots

This page is dedicated to honoring all of our volunteer pilots, the families we serve, and to provide information about us and any upcoming events. The more who know about us, the more families we can reach to provide the transportation help they need. Help us spread the word!!
LifeLine Pilots
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LifeLine Pilots
LifeLine Pilots
✈️ Alison travels from Michigan to Chicago every two weeks for cancer treatment at Cancer Treatment Centers of America in Zion, IL. LLP Pilot Chuck M. flew up to PTK-Oakland County International Airport, Maven by midfield to pick her up and fly her to UGN-Waukegan Regional Airport, Signature Flight Support, Waukegan, IL. Thank you so much, Chuck, for volunteering to fly Alison!💙
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