If you feel compelled to donate to their organization, just know the money is going towards families like ours, facing life-changing diagnoses and hospitalizations. I know how grateful we are for lifeline pilots and I can guarantee all the other families they help are equally as grateful! Thank you LifeLine Pilots and thank you to anyone who has ever donated to their organization!

 - Beth, Mom of 3-year-old passenger Talon -

My wife and I would like to thank the whole LifeLine Pilots’ organization for everything you do. We have never met such compassionate, caring people and people willing to volunteer their time and money to help others.

When I became ill in May, it turned our lives upside down. LifeLine Pilots has helped me to be able to get the health care that I need.

Thank you to the great pilots that flew us!

The world needs more caring people like all of you at LifeLine Pilots

- David and Jill -

I need to take the opportunity to thank a great number of people for helping me get through all of the challenges in my life. However, I honestly don’t believe I can ever say “Thank You” enough to everyone who has played such an important role in my life.  For the past couple of years, I have gotten to know another group of people who I now consider my extended family. I am now lucky enough to know that group of people as “Lifeline Pilots.” In fact, I still have my left arm today because these talented and generous people have volunteered and cared enough about me to make sure I have access to the specialists and medical care that I need.

So lastly, Thank You, Lifeline Pilots. Thank you for being my “lifeline” to the doctors who know of and understand my disease best. I am here today, I am who I am and I have my arm today because you! I am incredibly blessed to call so many of you “friends” and only hope that I can successfully spread your message while encourage the countless patients around this country who need you as well.

For everything you do and for all the lives you touch….. THANK YOU!

- Melissa -

Flying for Lifeline Pilots has been a gift from God. I am able to do two things that I love doing; helping people and flying, how much better can life be?

- Brad Neihouser, IN Volunteer Pilot -

I’ve been a volunteer pilot for Life Line Pilots for 4 ½ years and flown 10 missions. It is such a blessing to have the skill and means to fly that it is a joy to share it with others in need. The passengers are all so gracious and grateful, many saying they don’t know how they could make the trip for medical care any other way. I have kept in contact with some by email, following their progress. I also served on the Board of Life Line Pilots for a year and got to see just how much work is required behind the scenes to make this wonderful service a reality. The staff is passionate about their work and is dedicated to making sure that each and every need is met. They are a wonderful team with all the volunteer pilots to ensure each mission in completed safely. I have met several other pilots through Life Line Pilots who have become good personal friends. So, while providing a service I am the benefactor receiving so much in return.

- Mike Samp, IL Volunteer Pilot -

My interest in LifeLine pilots arose shortly after I first bought my own airplane. I felt then and still do, so richly blessed with the ability to fly and even more so with having a plane at my disposal that I felt compelled to use these blessings to help others less fortunate or in need. Most of the missions I have flown are people either bound for or returning from medical treatment where the expense of the ongoing treatments have so consumed their resources that there is nothing left for transportation. Particularly heartrending are the little children whose families are just beside themselves in dealing with the challenges of life threatening illness and the often crushing financial and emotional burden that comes with it. During the flight, I’ve come to know these people and of course realize that the only thing that separates us is circumstance. I think to my daughter and if I were in this situation how I would be eternally grateful to anyone who could help me and her.
Thinking of my daughter now, I’m reminded of when she was about 4 years old and innocently asked me, “How do you become successful, like you are Dad?” I thought about that for a moment before I answered as follows:

“Success means different things to different people. In my experience, it doesn’t mean “stuff.” What I mean by “stuff” is having the best car or the biggest house or the fanciest clothes because, what I have found is that when you have these, there are always better ones; a better car, a bigger house, fancier clothes. In my experience, the one thing that makes you feel successful, at the end of the day, when you’re all alone by yourself, is thinking to yourself, “What have I done today to make someone else’s life just a little bit better.”

That’s why I fly for LifeLine Pilots.

- Frank Ladonne, IL Volunteer Pilot -

Thank you so much for bringing our son, Josh, home. He passed away December 7 with all his brothers and sisters and Mom and Dad with him. I truly believe he knew he had to leave us but wanted us all to be with him. You made that possible. We are so grateful to you. I held my baby when he had to leave and I am so grateful to you. We miss him very much but try to hold on to the belief he is in a much better place and has no more pain. Josh was six years and one month old.

- Letter sent from Josh's parents to the volunteer pilot on December 31, 1994