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  • Save at the Pump with Phillips 66!
    Gas prices, am I right? Americans are paying more at the pump than ever before. We haven’t seen prices over $4.00 per gallon since the economic collapse of 2008. Our pilots are not… Read more »
  • Call Sign Mismatch & FAA Enforcement Action
    By Peyton Metzel, PhD – Safety Committee Chair About CMF Call Sign As you know, the CMF call sign is available to LifeLine Pilots as an alternative to your N-number when flying a mission… Read more »
  • You’re Never Alone with Cancer Hope Network
    Tyler Liston After weeks (months!?) of tests and scans and sleepless nights spent worrying, the doctor sits across the desk from you, looks up from the chart on her desk and says, “Unfortunately,… Read more »
  • Tyler Liston
    Outreach & Mission Coordinator After spending the last decade in retail management, Tyler was inspired by the mission and work of LifeLine Pilots to focus his life on helping others in the non-profit… Read more »
  • Ann Rude
    Grant & Mission Coordinator After many years as a homemaker and hobby farmer, Ann has spent the last 3 years working in the aviation industry. She is enthusiastic about putting her customer service… Read more »