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  • Calling all Medical Professionals…
    What is the biggest barrier to providing free flights? Getting the information to those in need! Do YOUR patients need to travel a long distance for medical care? Do they need help getting… Read more »
  • You Can Make a Difference!
    Do you have a passion for helping others through aviation? Do you love the work of LifeLine Pilots and wish you could do more? We are looking for passionate individuals who live throughout… Read more »
  • Under Our Wing – Passenger Sophia
    Sophia was only 9 years old when she began experiencing chest pains and shortness of breath in April of 2016. As an avid soccer player and swimmer, this made it difficult for her… Read more »
  • 5 Things to Bring on a LifeLine Pilots Flight
    Congratulations, you qualify for a LifeLine Pilots flight! Now… What do you bring on your flight? Here is a list of 5 THINGS we recommend you bring on your flight in addition to… Read more »
  • Removing a barrier for better healthcare
    Everyone, regardless of location or income, should have equal access to health care.  But, according to the American Hospital Association1, “[Every year,] 3.6 million people in the U.S. do not obtain medical care… Read more »