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  • Karen Nicholas
    Board Member Karen has spent her career helping companies, clients, and individuals share their messages. With a background in public relations and communications, Karen has filled various roles ranging from media relations to… Read more »
  • Neal Glassett
    Treasurer Neal Glassett grew up in the Chicago suburbs and then spent his early career as an accountant moving between Texas, California, Indiana, and Illinois. He has spent most of the past 10… Read more »
  • Flying in Small Aircraft in the Winter
    The Midwestern United States puts on a spectacular show in the winter months. Those willing to brave the cold temperatures can enjoy magical sights like glimmering snow-coated tree branches, ice-blanketed lakes, and waterfalls… Read more »
  • Planes & Cars and Things That Go…Free Medical Travel Options
    Healthcare treatments can be crucial for a person’s recovery. However, sometimes patients require services from medical facilities outside their immediate area for the best quality care, and they don’t have personal transportation options. … Read more »
  • Myths About Flying in Small Airplanes
    While some people fear all flying, others are particularly apprehensive about flying in small planes. Here are a few myths about flying small airplanes that we debunked to help you better understand how… Read more »