Author: Meet the Team

Kelsey Vaughn

Outreach & Mission Coordinator Kelsey is a recent graduate of Illinois State University, and graduated with her degree in art with a special focus in documentary photography. After working for two years doing retail marketing and social media, she found Lifeline Pilots. Kelsey will use her skills in photography and videography to add a new… Read more »

Ann Rude

Grant & Mission Coordinator After many years as a homemaker and hobby farmer, Ann has spent the last 3 years working in the aviation industry. She is enthusiastic about putting her customer service skills and knowledge of flight procedures to use in service of a worthwhile mission. She has lived in the Peoria area for… Read more »

Lindsey Kerr

Executive Director Lindsey has spent her career in the non-profit sector, helping organizations by providing expertise in fundraising, communications, marketing, and leading staff & volunteers. Lindsey loves the mission of LifeLine Pilots. During times of medical distress, people are at their most vulnerable and LifeLine Pilots is there to help ease their burden. Lindsey and… Read more »

Andy Zich

Board Member Andy is a life-long aviation enthusiast and avid pilot. He received an Electrical Engineering degree from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and currently resides in Peoria, IL. As an entrepreneur, Andy has worked in the international product manufacturing & importing field as well as the field of engineering. Currently, he works for Caterpillar’s Innovation,… Read more »

Rick Zehr

Board Member Rick Zehr is an innovative, transformative executive with over 25 years of success developing healthcare organizations into state-of-the-art thought leaders.  His strong history of launching world-class, cutting-edge health and wellness services and products has established his organizations as international leaders. Since October 2016, Zehr has been the  CEO of EZ Healthcare Innovations, LLC,… Read more »

Andy Wheatcroft

Board Member For 23 years Andy has worked for Caterpillar, the Peoria-based manufacturing giant. Originally from the UK, Andy has worked for CAT in his home country, Belgium, France and since 2011, the United States. Andy brings with him a passion for aviation, a vast network of pilots and professional connections, and a track record… Read more »

Dr. Ken Reily

Board Member Ken Reily is an instructor of Information Science and Computer Science at the University of Minnesota. In addition to his role at the University, he provides consulting services in software research, software development and architecture, process development, and training/education. Prior to Ken’s current roles, he was a Senior Technical Manager for 3M’s Electronics… Read more »

Steve Monk

Board Member Steve Monk graduated from the University of Wisconsin, Madison with a degree in Electrical Engineering and went to work at Texas Instruments in the defense industry in Dallas.  After 20 years down South, Steve made his way back home to Wisconsin where he went to work designing and optimizing cell sites.  Along the way, he got… Read more »

Peyton S. Metzel, Ph.D.

Board Member Dr. Metzel received his Ph.D. in Microbiology from the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign in 1979. That same year he joined Abbott Laboratories’ Diagnostics Division as a Research Scientist in Hepatitis Research & Development. He held several positions until leaving Abbott in 1995 as Section Head, Infectious Disease Diagnostics Technical Support. In the ensuing… Read more »

Carson Greene

Board Member Officially retired from the equipment leasing business, Carson originally became involved in aircraft lending with Piper Acceptance Corporation in 1975, Peoria, IL. Their offices were located just below the control tower next to Byerly Aviation. The offices relocated to Addison, IL later that year. Carson’s aviation experience prior to 1975 started in high… Read more »

Crystal Garrett

Board Member Crystal Garrett works for Caterpillar’s Earthmoving Division as a Cost and Strategy Manager for Medium Wheel Loaders.   Crystal has been an employee of Caterpillar for 15 years where she has had a wide variety of opportunities in various divisions.  Aside from tackling complex challenges with committed team members, Crystal loves working at Caterpillar… Read more »

Anaise Berry

Board Member Anaise has spent her 30-year career in sales and marketing across various industries including banking,  medical and managed care, tourism, economic development and commercial real estate.  As the Director of Marketing & Communications for Cullinan Properties, Ltd., a national commercial real estate and development company headquartered in Peoria, Illinois, Anaise leads the marketing… Read more »