Luis Rojas

Board Member

Luis Rojas created Rojas Spanish Language in 2007 in St. Paul, Minnesota.  The language school, with its unique teaching style, has grown exponentially over the years and has attracted a wide range of students looking to become fluent. Among his students are executives of Fortune 500 companies, small business owners, medical professionals, law professionals, teachers, native non-speakers, travelers, and polyglots.  He currently employs 10 teachers hailing from South America and Mexico.

Though teaching was not the original plan, he trained as a psychologist and Air Traffic Controller in his native Peru. As a psychologist, he attended hospitalized burn victims and their families.  

But being a psychologist was Plan B. His first love was flying, having lived near a military airfield as a child. He dearly wanted to fly himself one day but was not accepted into pilot training due to height and vision restrictions in those days. Becoming an Air Traffic Controller was as close as he was allowed to piloting.

Luis worked full-time for a year for the government of Peru as an Air Traffic Controller – but – without pay.  Pay and a contract were promised but did not materialize.  After a year of teaching on the side to support himself, he had to let go of his air industry job as the unstable Peruvian government showed no signs of improving. His teaching backup took root and he was able to put his psychology training to use.

After marrying a Minnesotan in 2002, and becoming a citizen shortly after, he knew that his next task was to learn to fly privately. Luis attained his private pilot’s license in 2019 and received his instrument rating certificate in 2023.

Luis has been flying for LifeLine Pilots since 2021. He finds it satiates all his passions; piloting and attending to people in need.   He is honored to be a pilot for and a part of the governing body of LifeLine Pilots, an organization that has found a way to unite two groups of people that need one another.