Calling all Medical Professionals…

What is the biggest barrier to providing free flights? Getting the information to those in need!

Do YOUR patients need to travel a long distance for medical care? Do they need help getting to your medical facility? Are they seeking a second opinion or in need of treatment at a clinic far from home?

We can help!
LifeLine Pilots facilitates FREE air transportation to patients in need to some of the finest clinics and specialty hospitals.

We provide flights within 10 states in Midwest, but there are similar organizations throughout the country. Headquartered in Peoria, Illinois since 1981, LifeLine Pilots’ volunteers have flown five million nautical miles and over 8,000 missions with a 100% safety record.


How do I connect a patient with LifeLine Pilots?
Our easy-to-complete flight request form is available online at Complete the “Mission Request Form” and our Mission Coordinator will contact you to schedule the flight.

How does a passenger qualify for a flight?
Flights are for anyone in need. This may be a financial need or it may be a health-related need. Our Mission Coordinator is available to help you determine if your patient would qualify.

Who flies the flights?
Our volunteers are general aviation pilots who own their own aircraft. They have strict experience requirements to fly for LifeLine Pilots and we have a 100% safety record. Our volunteers donate their time, their aircraft, and their fuel to fly passengers in need. It is our role to coordinate the flight and link the passenger with the pilot(s).

Can the passenger take a caregiver/companion?
Yes, adults may take one caregiver/companion to travel with them. Children (18 and under) may take both parents or two caregivers/companions.

What are the physical/medical requirements for flying with LifeLine Pilots?
All passengers must be ambulatory and able to step up on a 12″-18″ step, onto the wing of a plane and sit upright for the duration of the flights. Our physician’s release must be completed by the patient’s doctor prior to the flight being scheduled.

Can medical equipment be taken on the plane?
Yes, small portable medical equipment may be taken. FAA approved, portable oxygen may also be taken on the aircraft. Please contact the Mission Coordinator for further restrictions before the flight.

What if I have other questions?
We are here to help! Contact our Mission Coordinator for answers to any other questions you may have, either by email or by calling 800-822-7972.