Tad Foster – Hangar of Honor Award

LifeLine Pilots is proud to present W. Tad Foster with the 2022 Hangar of Honor Award*. Tad has been flying for LifeLine Pilots since 2009. Flights recorded in VPOIDs total 56 legs, translating to 12,703 miles and 255.7 hours. The aircraft costs involved with these volunteer activities are more than $75,000! However, his contributions are certainly much more, taking into consideration the years before VPOIDs.

Tad is based in Sullivan, IN, at SIV. He flies a Piper/PA-28-140/180 (Cherokee) and owns a 1940 Piper J-4 Cub Coupe which he personally restored. He is a CFI-I with almost 3,000 hours under his belt. He is IRF rated and holds a commercial license.

Tad found LifeLine Pilots at Sun and Fun in Florida. “I immediately signed up, “he said. “It was the perfect was to connect two passions.” Not only is he an avid aviator, but Tad is also an ordained minister who makes service to others a priority.

With so much experience in the air, Tad has flown in many conditions. “I flew up to Rockford, IL, to pick up a 12-year-old boy and his father. The boy had a brain tumor and was going to Bloomington, IN, for radiation. As we left Rockford, I pointed out a thunderstorm in the distance,” he said. “I explained that it was moving much slower than we were – nothing to worry about. But after passing Bloomington, IL, those clouds seemed much closer.”

The storm chased them down and the flight ended up diverting, getting out of the air before it became dangerous. It’s smart calls like these that keep everyone safe. Tad is a great asset and a good friend to all of us at LifeLine Pilots. We are grateful and happy to have him as part of the team.

LifeLine Pilots is celebrating volunteer pilots by presenting pilot awards for the second year.  Many thanks and much praise are due to all our volunteers, past and present.

*The Hangar of Honor Award is given to a multi-year pilot who has gone above and beyond in the previous year, as well as years prior, and who can be counted upon to accept last-minute missions.