Pilot Tips & Tricks – In-flight Tips for an Easy Flight

To make flights easy for all of our pilots, we have certain protocols that we ask all of our passengers to follow. This means the passenger experience remains the same, even with different pilots. We also have a few tips that will make the journey comfortable for everyone.

  • Only 40lbs of personal soft-sided bags allowed. This is a total for all passengers. While your plane may be able to accommodate more, the return pilot or other leg pilot may not. If they ask to take more, please have them contact the LifeLine Pilots office for permission. 
  • All medical equipment, car seats & strollers must be listed on the application, but are not included in the 40lbs of allowable luggage. If a passenger requests to take more, please remember while you may be able to carry more, the next pilot may not be able to.
  • Passengers are required to sign a liability waiver every time they fly.  If they tell you they have already signed the waiver, ask them to sign it again.  This has to be completed PRIOR to departure.  Modern technology has lots of options for submitting this form.  You will receive these options when you receive your Mission Itinerary for a flight. We prefer you submit the liability waiver online, but other options are fax, screen shot and send by email or text. 
  • A small step stool is a great tool to have in your plane. While all passengers must be ambulatory to travel with us, sometimes they may need a little help in and out of the plane. Having a small step stool can be a huge help for the passenger when entering/exiting the aircraft.
  • Seatbelt extenders are great to have on-hand. Depending on the age of your plane, the seatbelts may not fit every passenger. Having a seatbelt extender can be a huge help if the seatbelt is not quite long enough to fit around a passenger.
  • During the time of COVID, we require the completion of a COVID-19 Screening Questionnaire.  This must be completed within 24 hours of the scheduled flight, every time you fly.  Passengers are also required to complete this questionnaire.   

As you fly with LifeLine Pilots, you may discover tricks that help make the trip easier for the passenger.  Feel free to share these with us, as other pilots may benefit from them!

As always, if you have any questions, our Mission Coordinators are here to help.  They can be reached at missions@lifelinepilots.org or 800-822-7972.

Happy Flying from the LifeLine Pilots Team!