Peyton Metzel – 2023 Wanda Whitsitt Founder’s Award

The Wanda Whitsitt Founder’s Award is presented to a pilot who has embodied Wanda’s vision of flying with purpose. In doing so, they have been instrumental in the growth and maintenance of LifeLine Pilots. We are honored to present the 2023 award to Peyton Metzel.

Peyton has been involved with LifeLine Pilots for more than 25 years, giving selflessly to help people have access to life-changing medical care. He is a current member of the Board of Directors, after having been on the board in the early 90s, serving as a bridge between past and future.

Peyton is generous with his time, advising and helping with many committees, engaging as an active command pilot, being our first Mission Mentor, and being a liberal donor. He flew sightseeing flights for Plane Fun Day last year as well as this year. In 2022, Peyton flew 6 mission flights, including one from his base, UGN (Waukegan, IL), all the way to JLN (Joplin, MO) when the pilot flying the second leg had a maintenance issue.

We are grateful for all the support, advice, and leadership Peyton provides for us. He is an essential ingredient in the recipe of our success.