Legacy Gift

Create a Lasting Impact

Long past our lifetimes, volunteer pilots will still be flying passengers from home to hope.

Making a major gift to LifeLine Pilots allows your legacy to live on, helping passengers get to life-saving medical care. Your gift will carry on your love of using aviation to help people have equal access to transportation for healthcare needs.

If you are interested in learning more about leaving a legacy donation to LifeLine Pilots, please contact us at 800-822-7972 or missions@lifelinepilots.org.

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What is a Legacy Donation?

This is a charitable donation that a donor makes through their will or a formal designation. Often planned giving is distributed from a donor's estate after their death. This type of gift is also known as a bequest or legacy gift.

What type of donation can I leave in my Will?

Planned giving can take many forms, including money, stocks, property, life insurance, or material goods. Donors may also consider a donation that helps LifeLine Pilots now or an option to help while earning income from the donation.

Gifts that help NOW

  • Annual or Recurring Donation
  • Major Gift
  • Stocks
  • Qualified Charitable Distribution (age 70.5+)
  • Donor Advised Fund

Gifts that leave a LEGACY

  • Bequest
  • Retirement Plan Designation
  • Life Insurance Designation
  • Major Gift

Gifts that provide an INCOME

  • Charitable Remainder Trust
  • Charitable Gift Annuity

What information will I need to leave a bequest to LifeLine Pilots?

Here is an example of bequest wording you may share with your legal advisor:

I hereby give, devise, and bequeath to LifeLine, Inc. DBA LifeLine Pilots the sum of _______, OR _______ Percentage of the residuary estate, OR real and personal property location, for the benefit of its general purposes.”

Legal Name: LifeLine, Inc.
EIN Number: 37-1097211
Legal Address: 4507 N Sterling Ave STE 402, Peoria, IL 61615

What will LifeLine Pilots do with my planned gift?

All major gifts and legacy gifts will be invested in the LifeLine Pilots Flight Coordination Endowment Fund.

The purpose of this fund is to ensure long-term funding for flight coordination, which is at the heart of LifeLine Pilots. Without the Mission Coordinators to work with passengers, pilots, other volunteer pilot organizations, and medical institutions, LifeLine Pilots could not carry out our mission.

Your gift will fund the coordination of flights for decades to come, helping thousands of people have access to medical care far from home.

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Why I donate...

Every $1 donated goes 100% to create these missions, in turn this generates $6-10 donated from pilots executing the missions in fuel, etc. This has to be the best ROI of any of donor's investment!

- Andy W., Volunteer & Donor

I have seen firsthand how donations allow LifeLine Pilots to connect people with the medical attention they desperately need. Not being able to afford transportation should never be the reason why individuals don't get medical care!

- Craig H., Volunteer & Donor

LifeLine Pilots was there when we needed them and this holiday season we would love for you to donate to this great organization. We experienced firsthand how donations provide life-changing access to medical care at absolutely no cost to us or our family. Your donation helps others just like it did us! YOU can make life-saving medical care only a plane ride away.
- Barbara H., LifeLine Pilots passenger

If you have a few spare bucks lying around not doing anything, please consider a donation to LifeLine Pilots for their continuing mission of helping people who truly need it. It’s tax-deductible, and it goes to a really good cause.

- William G., Volunteer & Donor

Would you like more information on leaving a legacy to LifeLine Pilots?

Our team is happy to meet with you in person or virtually to discuss your legacy donation, major gift, or to answer any questions you may have. Contact us at 800-822-7972 or missions@lifelinepilots.org to schedule an appointment.

The information provided is not intended to constitute legal or financial advice. Please contact your attorney or financial advisor for legal or financial assistance.