Claud Morgan – 2023 Blue Sky Award

The Blue Sky Award is given to any volunteer who, in the past year, has given above and beyond the normal volunteer effort. This year we are proud to present the Blue Sky Award to Claud Morgan, who has flown 38 charitable flight legs in less than two years!

Claud joined LifeLine Pilots in 2021. In two years, he’s flown 38 legs, 20 of them in 2022. Claud can always be counted on to help in a pinch, taking flights at the last minute. He agreed to star in our passenger and pilot videos, flying down and spending several hours being interviewed and recorded both on the ground and in the air.

Claud has been flying since 1967 when he was a military medical evacuation helicopter pilot in the Vietnam War. Since then, he has been flying privately and has also been flying commercially for five years as an aerobatic airshow pilot.

“My flying career started with flying wounded soldiers in Vietnam, followed by a 38-year career as an emergency medicine doctor and part-time airshow pilot, followed by medical charity flying during my retirement years. Flying for LifeLine Pilots means a lot to me and has been an honor and privilege to serve those in need. “

Claud is a well-seasoned pilot. He flies a Cirrus SR-22 and is based at ANE (Anoka, MN).