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Pilot Tips & Tricks – In-flight Tips for an Easy Flight

To make flights easy for all of our pilots, we have certain protocols that we ask all of our passengers to follow. This means the passenger experience remains the same, even with different pilots. We also have a few tips that will make the journey comfortable for everyone. Only 40lbs of personal soft-sided bags allowed. This is… Read more »

Pilot Tips & Tricks – Helpful Hints for a Worry-Free Flight

A lot goes into coordinating a LifeLine Pilots flight.  Our Mission Coordinators are working with the passengers, pilots, physicians, social workers, and sometimes other volunteer pilot organizations to make it all happen.   Here are a few tips to make the process as easy as possible for you and the passenger. Please do not allow… Read more »

Pilot Tips & Tricks – All you need is VPOIDS

Everything that we do as an organization goes through our database called VPOIDS.  This is how volunteer pilots sign up with LifeLine Pilots, how you as a pilot keep your information up-to-date, how the passenger applies for a flight, and how our Mission Coordinators schedule the flights.  Here are a few tips to make sure… Read more »